Tips for painting your house

Painting your house can be one of the most beneficial home improvement projects for your home. In particular, painting the exterior of your home. 

While you can paint your house yourself, it’s important to think of the amount of effort required. 

First, in addition to buying a quality exterior paint, you will need to have all the tools to go along with it. This means buying or renting spray painters, acquiring ladders, as well as acquiring paint rollers.

In addition, if the home is old, has either chipped wood or siding that is decaying, then the old paint, at the very least, will need to be scraped away, and sections will need to be replaced.

Home Improvement Specialist Bob Villa says it will typically take a crew of three professional painters about 40 man-hours each to paint the exterior of a home. 

So, Mr. Villa assures people contemplating painting their house that it will take significantly longer hours for an amateur to paint a house.

Tips and Tricks for Painting a Home's Exterior | DIY

Not to mention the danger of climbing up on ladders to scrape your home with peeling paint. And believe me, from a person that has actually painted a home, that the prep work is often 10 times as much work as the actual painting.

The first thing required is normally to rent a pressure washer to hose the house down.

Some people use hoses, but that means climbing up on ladders, whereas a pressure washer will allow you to skip most ladder work.

The purpose of hosing your house down is to remove all the good and grime on the outside of your house before painting.

Typically, once you have done all the prep work complete you will typically need about

5.5 gallons of quality paint to paint the exterior of your house. 

Note, however, that almost all paint companies and home advisory experts say that putting on two coats of exterior paint rather than one is the preferred method for house painting. One coat exteriors may fail within a year or so while painting with two coats will typically last 5 times as long. 

When hiring professionals to paint the home for you, most painting companies in Medford Oregon charge around 30 percent more for that second coat of paint, but virtually all painters Medford Oregon will recommend two coats and will be prepared to give you estimates based upon two coats. 

How much does painting Medford Oregon cost? 

Typically homeowners will pay between $3700 to $5200 to have their exteriors painted in Medford, Oregon. 

Since the average home in Medford has around 1600 square feet of exterior footage, this means the medium home in Medford costs around 2.3 dollars per square foot to 3.25 per square foot to have the house exterior painted. 

Why you should seriously think of hiring a contractor to paint your house 

  •  First of all, most people don’t have the manpower to devote to it.Assuming for sake of argument that you could paint your own house in the 120 hours that a typical pro will do, that means if you attempt to do it yourself and have all the tools and equipment lined up, you will need to devote 3 solid weeks to painting it.Three weeks is a very long time, and only retired people can normally devote the time to it. 
  •  Second, the prep work alone may take one man nearly a week. And climbing up on high ladders for hours at a time is really only a job for young, fit people. 
  •  Third, exterior house painting is a skill. If you don’t have a lot of experience you can make mistakes causing dreadful drips, and waste a lot of paint. And exterior house paint is not cheap. 
  •  Fourth, you need to take the weather into account. You want to paint your house at a time when the weather is cooperative and conducive to the paint drying. And the chance of encountering at least one experience of bad weather is significantly enhanced when you take 3 weeks to a month to finish the job. 

Of course, you can significantly reduce the cost of painting in advance of hiring a pro.

One method is to be sure and paint the same color home as the home is painted now. This may reduce the amount of paint required for coverage.

Another method is to do the prep work yourself. If you are lucky and your home does not have any peeling or chipped paint, that means that by pressure washing the house and caulking and painting just the windows, that you may save yourself a few hundred dollars. 

Ultimately, however, letting the pros do the job is usually your best bet.